Psychedelic Psalm

Photo by Omar Willey.Licensed CC-BY-SA.
Photo by Omar Willey.
Licensed CC-BY-SA.

The universe is liquid;
it fits any container.

The universe fits
in a field
and we play a pick-up
game of football.
The universe fits
in a blade of grass on a field,
drinking the dew that
forms on its shaded face.
The universe fits
in a football;
what joy it is to be
kicked around!

The universe fits
in the cells of a blade of grass,
a microscopic,
self-sufficient city.
The universe fits
in the pattern on a football,
an elementary truth with
unfathomable significance.
In its wild green nature
and the way the grass perpetuates its code,
holding secrets the size
of football fields,

the universe fits.

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