Chinatown Night Market and Moon Festival returns to Seattle

night-marketOn September 13th, the streets of Chinatown will come to life as an international market place, B-Boy competition, all-ages dance party, and Japanese beer garden.

Seattle’s Chinatown-ID Night Market & Moon Festival is back and happening on this Saturday from 6:00 p.m. till midnight at Union Station Plaza and 5th Avenue South. Admission is free.

Over 40 food trucks and stands will represent with their $5 plates, including Bing of Fire, Chopstix, Crisp Creperie, Ben & Jerry’s, Tokyo Dog, YI DIM SUM Mobile Food Truck, Hallava Falafel, Fish Basket, Fruit Chatter Box, Sam Choy’s Poke To The Max, Ezell’s Express, Street Donuts and more. BeanFish, Shabu Chic and Thai Curry Simple will also be on hand with their unique approaches to desserts and street food. Even the least adventurous of your friends should find something so good they can plotz.

On top of that, carnival games with Smash Putt Seattle and others will add a way to work off some calories between bites. If that isn’t enough for you, dance the night away at the outdoor Dance Party with some help from JK Pop, DJ Fish Boogie and C89.5’s DJ Richard J. Dalton.

If you just want to watch others dance, get there early to see Outshine Productions bring you the CID Outshine Invitational An invite-only competition for the best dancers from around the Northwest, the competition pits six of Seattle’s best B-Boys against Vancouver’s troupe. Our two best footwork players, two best power players, and two best overall players will match up with theirs for some freestylin’ action.

The Night Market is one of the hidden jewels of Seattle. You’d be very unhip to miss it, and your friends will probably find out and lord it over you. Save face, and take yourself down to Chinatown this Saturday night.

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