In the flame of the candle, unknowable vastness

Photo Credit: matt.forestpath (flash200).Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.
Photo Credit: matt.forestpath (flash200).
Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.
God’s presence arrives,
listening to the lighted
candle. The flame
communicates the aware
devotion of silence, making
things seen and unseen
prayerful notices. These conversations

continue reverently in the room
where we were on vigil Easter
time. Those prayers remain still. How soothing it is to listen
to prayer; the Yes, be awake in spirit
and mind
as during the engagement with God
there is room for the fiery envelopment
elicited within and enjoined
to others in a rising embrace
by unknowable vastness. Given

a moment to be aware
of God’s presence.

Receive the season
that astounds, despite slowness
of heart. Say “Stay with us . . .”

At the back of the Church,
at the foot of the Cross in the Cathedral,
by the sacrament in private on the mountain,
in the chapel at noon time,
on the road,
in the light of day,
during work, how it is to recall
the spirit.
Times eternal unending. Here remember:

Others know, too.
When she goes to pray, an intimate
time of life, we know love
embraces us as love embraces her. On Sunday, first the flame
best; later all week the heart be open, love invites
on the road. Feed us, You do
in the breaking of bread.
Take the cup. A moment and minutes that love offers,
this is the sweet enduring spirit.
Continue the ongoing conversation.

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