The End of Rice Boy

And so we come to the end of our serialization of Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy. It’s been a long but fabulous journey. It would never have been possible without Evan Dahm’s massive talent and his long-standing support of the Creative Commons, which allows us–and you–to share widely and freely. We thank him for his devotion, and we hope more artists figure it out.

If you haven’t supported Mr. Dahm’s work elsewhere, we encourage you to do so.

  • On Patreon, you can support everything he does like a good subscriber would;
  • On Etsy, you may find his original art and other sundry effects;
  • On Gumroad, you can find downloadable PDFs of his work;
  • On Twitter, you can drop him a line and tell him he’s a superstar; and
  • On his website you may follow all his latest work on the fantastic and Ignatz Award-winning Vattu, and older work, too.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting the artist. And thank you for spreading the word about Creative Commons.

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