Disobedient Boy

Mandragora_Tacuinum_SanitatisIt was a beautiful summer day.
The smiling sun shone brightly in the sky.
Mother and son visited ancient grave
of rural elder.
The woman was filled with holy reverence
but her little child showed no respect
for the dead.
He joked and pointed
playfully at the grave with his fingers.
Mother became indignant because of such misbehavior.
She scolded her son
and returned with him to the home
in the time of gentle evening hovering over
the land.
Late in the night the three cries of
awakened the disobedient boy.
He felt as something hideous
smothered him and slowly was taking away
his vital powers.
The woman woke up too.
She began to burn the sacred root
and her son was released from tormenting
of invisible creatures.

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