Third Class Plays the Stone Way Cafe

coverLast year, Lee Boyle traveled to Seattle to work at a summer camp in Granite Falls. Out of that experience, he returned home to Youngstown, Ohio and composed the song “Seattle Stars,” an eccentric yet evocative tune that continues his interest in what he likes to call “quirk-pop.”

Not content with that, however, Mr. Boyle decided it would be even better to gather up a bunch of fellow musicians such as The Zou, Sam Goodwill, Sleep Projections, Blue Through Branches, Human Petting Zoo and others, to record alternate versions of it, versions that run the gamut all the way from rust-belt techno to ukelele-themed folk.

On October 7, 2014, they all released the compilation album, Seattle Stars. Now Mr. Boyle himself has decided to go on a short tour to help promote the new album, Hymns From Some Small Town, of which “Seattle Stars” is only one track. And naturally, the tour is stopping in Seattle.

Three stars. O. Bob says check ’em out.

Third Class plays tonight October 27th at the Stone Way Cafe (formerly the Tiny Ninja) at 7 pm.

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