Commercial Love

Photo Credit: Mr Jan.Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.
Photo Credit: Mr Jan.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.

Love. It’s not a solid thing
although we treat it like it is
you hold my heart in your hands
you gave me yours in a box.
love is a look from one person to another
a smile when the world outside is burning
its a hand tightly held when you fear something else
its a whisper in a memory that never fades away.

Love doesn’t have to be
shouted from the rooftops
or yelled in the streets
just to prove its there.
For the only ones that needs to know
are the ones in love themselves
they don’t need streamers, rainbows, cupids
to tell the other its there.

But in this age of material goods
No emotion comes from the heart.
It comes from money, shops and words
just so others can see it too.
Here, have the roses that everyone else brought
Although I know you hate flowers and will kill them in a day
here, have a meal in a couple crowded room
that’s coloured red and pick just to prove you know I care.

And then you get the cheesey cards
impersonal, mass produced.
And maybe that box of chocolates there
that might be a bit over priced
But hey, surely spending money
means to show you care
But does that mean you can buy love-
or is this about love at all?

Commercial love, it’s not all good
Just status and a sign
You don’t need all that to show you care
sometimes, all you need are three words.

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