Purple Essence


You have to pause
Get lost in the heavy stare as if your survival depended on it
The trick is in noticing the wind brushing her eyes lashes
And as if beauty impels you to map out her face
Carefully feel the texture of her facial contour
And like a tiger on a predatory mission
Carefully approach neither whispering nor assigning yourself to the surrounding
You have to mentally confine yourself to her
While measuring the rhythm of her anticipation by how warm she breathes
Let it be a touch of wisdom and pleasure
Something magically indefinable in the sheer context of lust.

Kiss her
As if she were a stream you want to quench your thirst from
But carefully enough not to step on so you can drink more
Dwell in the rhythm of the lips
A certain way everything conspires to only place you in a new world
And all you have is her
Gently squeeze her body against yours
Notice how you two flow as waves in a glittering sequence
Something that shakes the tropics to completely mix their seasons
Deliver her into the fleshy swoon by a passionate gesture of the tongue
Explore the unimaginable.

What do you realize?
It takes a simple effort to realize God lives
And not theologically but a sort of spiritual pleasure,
A certain comfort that makes you pray on her lips
It is as if you are delivered into a morphological garden
When the language you speak resembles how she smile afterwards
And how your blood awakes when she flashes her sighs
Did you notice you could touch her butt without resistance?
Such is the power of being silent
Kiss her in silence.

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