Haiku 36

Image by Andrew Hamlin
Image by Andrew Hamlin

A potato left
out on my counter one month
exudes malfeasance

How like wild mushrooms
those thick twisted bread slices
thrown down for the crows

I cannot get used
to mottled clouds not moving
north past the tall pine

The Golden Rule–fuck!
Give no mercy and take none!
…how loud, this echo?

From the back, muscles
in his arm flex lightly
as he strums and frets

Pantomime to bum,
two bus tickets for one smoke
deal done and all dance

Curly-haired, he boasts
“I am traveling the world!”
…even where no smokes lie?

Leaning on his gut
well, at least that way he won’t
fall over on himself

The levels of blessing
measured from small increments
to satisfaction

I would take the heart
pumping like crazy, over
“under construction”

…leaving me to find,
at the parking lot, the place
where the rain slowed down

s/he squats in the lot
a Cossack waiting to kick
south of the sunbreak

Tried to bin bottle
of beer; broke it on sidewalk
tattoo man shames me

Ghost crab in Thailand
eyes on stalks; does she feel for
feet trudging past her?

Clamshell takeout box
open wide-jawed to the sun
standing rainwater

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