Haiku 39

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Adderall junkie
begs twenty cents for beer money
blind man shakes his head

He struggles to sleep
his bedroom, library lawn
power washer’s drone

The sky, like a pie
thin criss-crossed stretches of cloud
leaving diamond sunbreaks

Spitting up whiskey
on no particular date
Ha! Folly soon gone

Two hands come around
delivering the parcel
leave no fingerprints

Sixteen hours straight work
have I ever earned the sleep
which surely follows…?

I’ll toss this heater
the day it starts that shrieking
and won’t be silenced

66 driver
red light, reading glasses on
to check his schedule

Busman warns lady
“This ain’t my first rodeo”
she scuttles to pass

Beggar, 3rd and Pike
I watch through the window as
lips circle to “no”

High-waters, showing
skinny ankles, pigeon toes
library’s closing

At Convention Place
one lady wears a clown nose
her friend nods along

Queen Anne unicorn
in a slate football jersey
hugging his groupies

Collated dew drops
too heavy together for
one spider web strand

I write tonight for
children I shall never have…
the bus was on time

Skeleton girl, bored
crunching fresh carrots across
from the bus station

Mummy girl adjusts
one eldritch bandage, to
peek at her cell phone

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