Haiku 44

Image by Andrew Hamlin.
Image by Andrew Hamlin.
Chihuahua on Third
chases a feather, thinking
she’s really a cat

one who climbed between her thighs
a faceless heat wave

I will never see
the gold paint huffer haunting
Metro’s radio

All things considered
the zit on a giant’s ass
is a bigger deal

My first firefly
I took for a roaming ghost
flicking a Zippo

Emphysema folk
breathe a particular rasp
the old nurse told me

A toad is only
a toad, is only a toad
is only a toad

Run fast! Perhaps
you’ll catch up with your fair share
of the rain you missed

Anyone confess
to the rapist? We left you
in long enough

And we sit waiting
for our leader to return
from wiping her eyes

Tonight’s top story
recited very softly
since no one tuned in

Wild sex, working class
it’s all on this tape cassette
stuck under duck shoes

I wait for the chair
to give up any semblance
of who sat down last

Elevator dings
and once more I miss out on
the last of its bell

He locks himself in
not realizing what counts
left late last Thursday

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