I Am A Terrorist

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I am a terrorist
I like to kill.

I have horns,
two fangs
and a dragonfly tail.

Chased away from my home,
hiding from fear,
saving my life,
doors slammed in my face,

justice constantly denied,
patience tested
on television, battered
in front of the silent majority
pushed against the wall:
from that dead end
I have returned.

I am the humiliation
you gulped down
with flattened nose

I am the shame
you buried in darkness.

I am a terrorist.
Shoot me down.

Cowardice and fear
I left behind
in the valley
among meowing cats
and lapping dogs.
I am single.
I have nothing
to lose.

I am a bullet.
I do not think.

From the tin shell
I leap for that thrilling
two-second life
and die with the dead.

I am the life
you left behind.

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