Above and Below

Photo by Martin Sattler. CC0/Public Domain license.
Photo by Martin Sattler. CC0/Public Domain license.


Billions and billions, the learn’d astronomer
said of the stars.
We just don’t know
how many there are
above–and we may never.

The speed of light is finite;
space expands faster.
We see only
what existed, never
what exists.

Go into the night.
Look up at the stars. If the light
of civilization
doesn’t blind you, you’ll see
a few of these billions and billions.


Infinity resides in space
between and beyond the stars–but it’s far
from empty below its surface. Heisenberg says
we can’t measure position and momentum both;
nothing can be at rest.

The Greek ontologies tell of Chaos.
The Kabbalah says Ein Sof
is still creating, its Endless
Light still shining. The Universe
still is becoming.

Formless energy churns, chaotic in the void–
Nullpunktsenergie, Einstein called it,
the energy of the Zero Point.
It transforms into particles, the Universe
creating and being created—neurons firing
in the Mind of God, where Infinity resides.

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