Teen Attempts To Kill Girl For Sending Too Many Snapchats

A Utah girl was shot in the head and left for dead after two boys in her school became annoyed that she was messaging them too much on the popular Snapchat app.

Deserae Turner was the victim of a murder plot by two teen boys, who previously made plans to kill her before the shooting occurred. The previous plot was, according to Sheriff Deputy Brian Groves, to slit the girl’s throat and kill her – though one of the boys later admitted that he couldn’t do it. The boys lured Turner to a canal but ultimately were unable to go through with the gruesome crime.

Days later, they got Turner to meet them at the canal again and planned on following through with slitting her throat. When they once again decided they couldn’t do it, one of the boys pulled out a gun they brought as backup and shot her in the head.

Turner reportedly had no idea the shooting was coming, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In court, Groves said that he asked the teen who shot Turner why he did it, and said that it was because he became annoyed with how many Snapchat messages she was sending him.

“It would be pretty easy to get rid of her,” the shooter’s friend told him after he expressed his frustration with her messages.

After shooting Turner, the teens took her backpack, electronics and money and left her for dead. That night, she was reported missing and was found lying in a ditch soon after.

Many readers called for the teens to be tried as adults and punished to the fullest extent of the law for their horrific actions.

“Thank God she’s alive. Put the animals in general public in prison and see how much they like being someone’s bitch for the rest of their miserable lives,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“They need to be tried as adults and their parents need to be charged because there are way too many children doing things like this and it comes from parents not parenting their children. No spankings or consequences for their actions. Well now if the parents start getting charged maybe they will do something about their evil children!!!!!” another wrote.

“Ok so there’s a duo of attempted murder awaiting their fate…one bullet each in the head and you save the state a shitload of money and you save others from the evil duo! Case closed, problem solved!” another reader expressed.

“The boys who did this deserve the death penalty. I understand everyone makes mistakes when they are young but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for trying to take another persons [sic] life,” another added.

Sources: Salt Lake Tribune, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Salt Lake Tribune

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