Free Thing of the Week: Worshiprr #queerterror

This week’s Free Thing brings us back to the realm of music.

We go local this time with Bellingham’s Worshiprr, and Kadence Arelle Mercy’s second EP #queerterror.

If you’re looking for light pop music, this is certainly not it. Worshiprr’s music is hard electronica, transgressive, even brutal at times. Mx. Mercy’s music aims to challenge a listener. Her goal, as she’s said before, is to transform: to take the listener on a journey through the most extreme darkness in order to break through to the true beauty and awe of the universe.

That said, this isn’t nearly as brusque an album as her previous Patriot’s Sky. It’s more of an adventure than an abrasion. And it’s an adventure worth taking.

Download from Bandcamp
Download from The Seattle Star

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