Free Thing of the Week: Eveleen – Falling Rain

It’s been a blazing hot streak of weather here in Seattle, so we thought we would cool you down with this release from Indonesia’s Eveleen.

Eveleen is a project of Seta Repsati. He began exploring cinematic sounds as a way of setting moods in his own daily life and decided that he could write that kind of music himself. And so Eveleen was born.

Falling Rain is a three-song EP. After the remarkable success of his first single, Seta Respati in his own words “thought about being more serious with Eveleen,” and he decided on an emotional approach. The EP was intended to be filled with “raw emotion so thick” that it would be “sadly beautiful…a bit of a contradiction, yes?”

The album succeeds at doing just that. We recommend it.

Download Eveleen – Falling Rain here.

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