Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue. CC-BY.

Have you run the gamut on who’s wronged you today?
I saw the posts, the photos, the online monuments you made
You’ve called out sinners, racists, and frauds
But somehow, you’ve done nothing at all

You forgot to donate, forgot to vote
Forgot to use your voice where it matters most
But man did those comments cause quite a stir
On a website that those in power have never heard

I guess that meme really stopped the racists
Helped get crooked cops in metal braces
You really changed society with that Facebook post
All the while demagogues became our new hosts

I guess it doesn’t matter, up on your horse so high
Everything you did was like praying to the sky
But the people in pain are here left wanting
It’s good you’ve got virtual friends, since you’ve done virtually nothing

But it’s not your fault, sure I understand
I mean, who knew the world was more than a VPN?
You shared the ultimate comebacks and the complete fails
It’s not your fault the innocent were impaled

There wasn’t really anything, anything you could do
Except just vote in the general and the local ones too
You mean the local races had racists — well damn, who knew?
I’m guessing from your voting record, not you

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