On the 15th Day

Photo Credit: ncdslr. CC-BY-NC-SA.

On the 7th day God created Man.
Was it Adam and Eve, or was it a man named Stan?
A bland, pale man
With Starbucks coffee in his right hand,
The world in his left.
On the 8th day Stan created Woman
To rid him of his boredom
To hold his hand as he got weary of his power.
On the 9th day Stan created mascara and face powder
Woman had bags under her eyes
Woman cried when her baby died
He must hide the imperfections on Woman’s face
On the 10th day Stan created the rest of the human race
A rainbow of colors for which quickly grew a strong distaste
He searched for conformity, unity, amongst the chaos he created
Day 11, Woman sent herself to Heaven.
On the 12th day bland Stan discovered depression
He created a church and went to confession
Asking for forgiveness
On the 13th day Stan, with his white hands,
Laid himself down
To the ground
Surrounded by brown
Surrounded by yellow, red, green
Every color in between
Day 14: God created love
Sent it flying down on the backs of doves
Day 15: New York City Infested By Pigeons
On every building, every gate
It seems love arrived too late.

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