Photo: Paul Townshend. CC-BY-ND.

(An exquisite corpse)

A smokeless pit to throw one’s history
Away, away — like so much time it burns
, devaluing both ashes and measuring
tape for your trouble
the worm in the belly that won’t come unwound,
the gaseous reflexes that operate beyond soul’s provenance
start with a bag of beans or peas you know, people
unfriend those who make a stink, buy some Beano
Comics, they’re Dandy, says Dennis the Menace
after 4,000 continuous weeks of cyan and magenta
came spilling down brick after brick after brick
’til we stood, waist deep, memories of sky erased;
smoke crawled along the surface of the water toward us
we turned and walked in the direction the wind pushed
We relax, and go under, inhaling the sea
Humans have evil, but dolphins are free;
Windows show weathervanes tracing the sky,
Shutters flap listlessly, waving goodbye.