Free Thing of the Week: Pirate Pop

Ahoy, Matey! Be ye a pirate seeking gold? Be ye ready to board ship and set sail with only the stars to guide ye? Then these buccaneer sailing songs be just the treasure for yer ears! ARHH!

Kazoomzoom Records, the first netlabel for children, not only releases Creative Commons-licensed music for kids but also audio stories, paper toys, and more — all of it free, as in freedom. In a world that constantly uses children as bait for exploitative marketing campaigns, this is highly important. Kazoomzoom carries no advertisements, collects no information or data from visitors, and are committed to reducing the barrage of marketing aimed at children. This collective of 53 makers from around the world also uses and encourages the use of free software to encourage curiosity and give their users maximum access to their creative tools.

The Pirate Pop compilation presents eight sea-soaked ditties for young ears, covering a range of styles from folk to ska to punk, from respected buccaneer artists like David Rovics and the Wellington Sea Shanty Society. And even though it’s probably not National Talk Like a Pirate Day as you read this…it could be. Play this a couple times and it just might become so.

It’s gratis. It’s free. It’s not Disney. Besides, who doesn’t like pirates? You’re not one of those parents, are you?

Download Pirate Pop here.

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