Free Thing of the Week: Wiki Loves Earth

Columnar basalt of Cape Stolbchaty. Photo: Ekaterina Vasyagina. CC-BY-SA.

Every year the Wikipedia Foundation hosts Wiki Loves Earth, an annual international photo contest of natural monuments across the world.

As they say in their mission, the goal of the project is twofold: 1) to create freely licensed images of as many natural monuments and protected areas around the world as possible, and 2) to contribute to conservation and preservation of nature by raising public awareness. Pictures from the contest then go to illustrate articles on Wikipedia and other Wikiprojects (WikivoyageWikinewsWikiquote etc.).

After its humble beginnings as a discussion between Wikipedia Ukraine and Wikipedia Russia users, the contest has expanded massively and has been going strong now for five years.

Obviously we’re big fans of the earth, and we think you should be, too, so we’ve wrapped all fifteen winners of the 2018 competition into a handy zip file for your delectation and enjoyment. And if you’re a photographer, consider joining them for the next edition of Wiki Loves Earth this May, or its parent competition, Wiki Loves Monuments in September. If zip files give you the creeps, you can see all fifteen images in their glory on Wiki Loves Earth’s own announcement page.

Download ZIP file here.

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