Lines Which Might Be Clichés, About Our Generation

Photo by Igor Kasalovic via Unsplash.

The boats have begun to arrive
to carry us on to the next journey,
over the hills, across the sea
to what we cannot see

we who were
recently so young,
new world shining in our eyes

and now, after the proverbial
eyeblink which no poet can articulate
and no father convey to his child,

we prepare for the next journey,
aware of how far short
we fell of our dreams,
did not transform
the world for all to come.

They told us upholders
of the Old Order were dinosaurs
who did not have to be overthrown
but would just die out.

It turned out there
were younger dinosaurs
to take their places

and now I contemplate a life lived,
wondering if the change we sought

can only be
in ourselves.

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