Free Thing of the Week: Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia

One of the reasons that we at The Star are huge fans of Open Education Access is that it saves students money. But the biggest reason is because it puts the power of education back into the hands of students and teachers instead of textbook companies and administrative shills. Students and teachers can not only keep publishers’ traditional subjects up to date by modifying open textbooks with new information, but also they may choose to create textbooks on subjects publishers wouldn’t consider.

The thirty-six entries in The Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia were written by students at Virginia Tech who enthusiastically enrolled in a course on Hip-Hop. Professor Anthony Kwame Harrison was already a published author on the subject, so he and Craig E. Arthur decided to let the students themselves create their own textbook. By releasing their work with a Creative Commons license, the first version of the book could then become the textbook for future classes, growing and improving each time.

We humbly support them.

Download The Foundations of Hip-Hop Encyclopedia here.

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