Three Poems in Attrition


William Repass

One could hardly fail to caboodle it, the Bf 109, along with six of one half dozen of the other, into one’s polka dotted bindle. Even in a jet-propelled epoch such as ours, one learns, turns out, to fetishize propellers. With a tip of the cap and a boost up from human progress, even we could simply lift off and,

in theory, uh,

but where to land?

Now here’s a schlock absorber for ya. Cassowary leg. Just pull the tendon to flex the talon. Disembowel your friends.

Embowel the following endowment: monocoque, trailing its vestigial pull chain. Kaput until you smear your lavish daub of glue along the nose cone. Red and swollen, captions coalesce from out of nowhere to concentrate the suck again, flaming out at intervals. Stop watch proof.

Far below, natural gas perfumes a complex of interrogation rooms and cuticles stripped bare. They dream the hang nail’s dream of gliding, of spiraling down to alight upon quilted pasture land. All thanks to profusions of experimental ointment.


Flaming Glue

Lindsann Hacks Repass’ Messerschmitt

“o fetishize propellers. Wit”
–William Repass

caboodle pack yr crania of shrapness
pullchain plasticene ,plosive pixels
mastikind of friends of tendon, blastish
drone-milk curdleth cure from norfolk a
wi-fi sandy blade of proper spirals bureau
glide in citizen cuticle propelled ye
blather tubas in yr distend of bowel
endow schlock tribes with quilted nails
famish precincts masses complex
camphor-int irrigation rooms o
gentry urban soil dis ,possessant
of plummetcone, dark dabbing swoln
gap embassy yr mayor renewal slag
wary of leg fusion, weary of habeas
lavish in spitfire trigger-jaculate
nutrient of limbtear poverty tubas
lo blessure, fate coalesce of contusions
hanging from limply corpus
like suck from a jet

– William Repass / Olchar E. Lindsann


Nasal Flamethrower (Glue)

Dec Hacks REP #1 ’ Messe

“o feet. Shit”
–Wm Repast

capsule pallock yr crania of shrapnel
apness in a Lorna Doone
Batchain plasticene ,plo, soxe, pistols
mast broken dead of tendon, b*astish
drone-o-silk curdleth core cue from
norfolllllllllllllkkkkkklllicckkk à
wi-fi sandy gaë blade of ploooper spirals
weather bureau on ice
good in Citizen newsstand propelled ice
lather tubes in yr distend of serial (killer) bowel
endowed schlock jibes witty quitty nitty nails
Danish nut princess masses complex(i(e(s(Y)))
camphoint ,irritation rooms
gendy urbane soil disapossed
f’plummetcone, dark dabbing muckey swooney
gap pag embassy yr mayor of Nebraska
renewal salt – a – slug
wary of leg fission, on, weary of everything
lavish of spitfire trigger-jocularity
nutrient of lamb-torn poverty tubas vomiting
lo blessure, fate coalesure of confusions
hanging from limply corpus
like ducks from an invisible jet

– William Repass / Michael Dec / Olchar E. Lindsann

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