Storage Wars

The only booming businesses
In our town
are drive-through coffee houses
and secure, 24 hr. access
Self-Storage Units

They’re all over the place
More than Starbuck
They’re ubiquitous

What is it all for?
Things you just can’t let go
Pay ahead
Or send money from afar
There’s even a TV show
Storage Wars, it’s called
Where people bid on units
Left by people who died
And didn’t take it with them
Or people who stopped paying rent
Sight unseen, people throw down good money
To see what treasures might exist
Behind the rolling doors

Visitors here
Must think it queer indeed
This compulsion to hold on
To keep material things
Long after you
No longer need them

What I can no longer
Afford to keep, I give away
To the thrift shop mostly

Like with collections
Of old Beatles records
On Apple label and in great shape
I sold them to Brian at Hi-Voltage Records
He gave me a fair price
And he will sell them
At a good profit
Probably to another collector

round and round again,
Possessions go like a turn table
Until it all stops
There’s just too much stuff at home
Something’s got to give
Well, we’re not giving it away
I’ve got an idea
Let’s put in storage,
There’s a place just around the corner

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