Free Thing of the Week: Creative Commons Jazz Mixtape

It’s been awhile since we brought you a Free Thing, dear readers, so this week we’re bringing you a Free Thing every single day. Our publisher man grumbled at the idea, but who cares what he thinks? On with the show!

For our first Free Thing this week, we get back to music. Following our first two mixtapes, it struck us that so much of the Creative Commons-licensed music that gets hyped out there falls into the “electronica” genres, with a certain amount of DIY punk and garage band rock to balance. Jazz and modern composed music are pretty poorly served.

No longer.

Here’s the first of our attempts to put the spotlight on that sprawling genre of improvised music that touches all the others but gets little respect on its own.

Quite a few countries are represented here: Portugal, Italy, Chile, France, Argentina, Scotland, Korea, and even the United States. But this is by no means comprehensive. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we may turn it into a regular podcast so we can get into vocal jazz, avant-garde, Eastern European and Indian jazz, and all sort of further trouble.

Meanwhile, here’s the first entry. Like our other two, if you’re inclined to make it so, it will fit neatly on a 90 minute cassette.


Check out the Seattle Star Jazz Mixtape on Mixcloud here

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