Photo: Marvin Chandra. CC-BY-NC-ND

By now the iron horse has reached its destination
depositing outrageous liveware spores at the foot of the tired tracks

Will they infect the artificial city with germs of mad spontaneity?
Will the minds of entranced inhabitants mutate?

Will a flash of brilliance crash through the cultural paradigm?
permeating the myriad wood & block walls of their dwellings like a nuclear blast at ground zero

Tiny bursts of cosmic radiance slicing thru millions of zombie cortex simultaneously
electrifying every man woman and child in 100 mile radius

Will slimebag assholes forget their murderous greedy intentions?
Will crack dealers suddenly become beautiful saints?

Will overstarched business men throw away their repressive ties and underwear?
Will banks and grocery stores give away their borrowed possessions?

Will the news media stop the mental assault and talk about poetry and ecology?
Will children turn off loonitunes and start feeding the birds?

Will the citizens dig up parking lots and return the majestic oak and heavenly magnolia?
Will disney world turn into a cosmic ashram enlightening humanity for a million years?

On another plane.
Where digital clocks turn to soft flesh and drip off the shelf

In another dimension
Where homo sapiens have lost their dog teeth and shed their reptilian skin & brains

In an alternate universe and only for an instant

Yes I’m sure it happened and it will happen again.

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