Take the Subjunctive

It’s lying in the syntax, a mare of dusty color,
After a subordination, as one dangles, depends
On the first, though it could come last,
Yet it carries the payload and the dependent clause
Will only whip that truth into shape,
Whatever it may be.

It is subtle, more for diplomacy
As in fact whole utterances
Could hang from an unspoken
Declaration as in certain theater
Or protestations to the contrary,
When found with your leggings down
Around the turnstile of certainty.

Its especially shy when time’s a factor,
When it’s floating about
In future plans all in your own head
And you say with conviction “I will arrive”
As opposed to the time firmly established
By chronometers and such, manifested
In the full stop “Veni vidi vici.”

Which frequently over the years
Has been known after Caesar,
In our times, Hitler, but he was Wotan,
Whereas the unpronounceable
Dresses like Loki.

That’s “low key,” as in the phrase:
If we were to choose a pilot to take
The ship down into Davy’s locker,
Would he be a golden-haired boy?
Less than half said Yes, which does
Leave a doubt dangling
About the utterance of meaning.

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