Three Found Poems

Photo: Ganamex. CC-BY-NC.

black baby grand casting long
shadows over senna’s s
racing for

max is a very lucky 
boy being booed by brazil
unable to bear the blame

cloudburst tearing down the coke
with a 200 year flood
lining up stranded pilgrims

egyptian storm unleashes 
scorpions killing at least 
three wounding some dozen more

chainsaws and sirens singing 
a dirge for the drowned mouse or 
rat washed up on the front lawn

it’s just a little weather 
drowing out poor redheaded
hummingbirds cowering in

creaking clattering rainslick
phalanges of a leafless
bigleaf maple cowering

in battered rhododendrons
with dead flowers at their foot
their roots deep as a river

there’s lots of cows chickens and
pigs on these plains drowning in
their pens not our concern now

of course certainly we could 
have done something but doing
things is no silver bullet

black cat bounding silently
over moss-broken cobble
stone house sold over asking


enough!!!enough of this stuff
fluffing filling our stuffy
full of fluff enough stuff too

THEY are replacing USTHOSE
dingdang REPLACERS must be 
replaced before the find us!!!

WWIIS are irreplacable
oneofakinds on the hills
wiis fathers born lived ate died

on and there papas be four
wise men from the past lighting
the way for oneofakinds

everywhere crawling from throats
splashing noisily into
the flame a moth drowned and now

fluffing filling our stuffy
air full of mothsmoke mothsteam
mothstuff fluff enough!!!enough

enough of moths more mothers


poor mona surrounded by
bulletproof glass fragile sea
of iphones so far from rome

redheaded hummingbird flits
between two rhododendrons
keeping a close eye on me

luscious lips lust light curves cross
napes nipples naples and nipes
driving me into exile

self-imposed from the darkness
of the world lovely lights cross
lips curves à bonk et dante

et all the names david
marks on index cards the way
his father vladimir did

vivian dark his mother
was it something or other
on one of his ill-fated

index cards sojourns
for trees little piece of what
pine or some ever other

tree whose name escapes moments
airily me mind drifts down
upper boughs elegantly

arched from your trunk your navel
maple nipples nibbling napes
and à bonk et al danke

light tidepool eyes lips luscious
clear e lacy c’è mist
dripping from your crossed eyes hips


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