The Jumper

“A jumper!” someone shouted at the top of his voice. Everyone in the area turned to inspect the cry, astonished.

He jumped.

Ladies ran aside giving away loud screams in shock. Parents covered their children’s eyes. “Call for help!” came a cry from somewhere. “Why don’t you do it yourself?” thought Mr. Chang, who never cared about anything. Some grabbed their phones to capture the moment. A horrifying one.

Adrenaline rushing through his circulatory system as he quickly recovered his senses. The face of his beautiful love appeared to him. “Don’t be late, honey.” She had said, “l’ve booked us movie tickets for tonight.” He felt like he shouldn’t have left his home this morning.

The building on which he was standing was a sixty-storey hospital for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. A patient suffering from “psychotic disorder” had just been reported missing. The guards and other staff members were out searching for him immediately.

He saw his room, the table and the bed. His group of friends and family.

Tears dripping from his eyes now. He remembered the family vacations in the past, and their plans for the future. “I don’t want any excuses,” he told Billy and Mary, as he was planning a jungle camp this weekend. Giving out a loud cry in regret, he proceeded towards the ground.

One of the guards had noticed someone in the monitor viewing the top of the building. The word was out and a squad was already on its way up, followed by another with necessary apparatus, in case needed.

Seeing the disturbance in the street ahead, the vehicles slowed down near the scene. Traffic was getting denser. He gave out another cry louder than the previous one. His wishes would remain unfulfilled forever. The weight of his regret pulled him quickly towards the end. His end.

”I am just saving my wife.” said the patient as the nurses got him. ”He was going to shoot her!” the patient said pointing at the parapet. A guard looked down form the parapet. He saw a patch of red on the pavement below.

He could hear his faintly beating heart. Suddenly there was silence. There was no pain and he felt weightless. He hoped against all hopes to wake up or hear his alarm go off.

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