Seattle from the Skies

Photo: SDOT. CC-BY-NC.

A whole city
Reflected on a wing
Flattened and stretched out
Not the place down
Below: wet freshness and fine roads
But it’s essence somehow
It’s compressed passions
Like a smear of paint across

The emotions of a civilization
In miniature
Banking right
Surged through me
I felt all that this place is:
It’s million fold
It’s solitary tragedies
It’s multiple lives
Lived as one and apart

It made me want to cry
A want not fulfilled
But still
I saw each speck of light
Spreading across the city’s night
As if each was a beating heart

Each burning human vessel
A voice reaching into
The heavens
For some recognition,
Some sign or favor from
The gods;
But alas there is only
Us passengers reaching
Gazing, seeking meanings through plane windows
For a place among the
City lights

For from above
At a distance
That unity, a union, a bond
Can be felt but only in passing like a
A look, a locked vision, from
Across a room
Which admits only in brief:
We are one and whole
And linked in a million
And so is

The fierceness
Of our burning engines
Pushing into the

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