Two Poems

Image by David Mark. CC0/Public domain.

                           Old Sailor

Old sailor sat on a sea wall, relaxed at ease,
Happy with passing years and memories.
Watching rising swell of dancing waves
Swirling, heaving, churning, white crested
Hearing shrill cries of soaring seagulls
Salty spray falling on weathered face.
Closed his eyes, remembering times long gone
Serving before mast with bellowing sail  
Raging storms with shipmates lost overboard
Climbing slippery rigging pulling in the sails
Monstrous waves breaking over heaving ship.
Shore leave with pretty girl in every port
Getting drunk, spending all his pay,
Returning to ship and unruly sea, his home.

Lion Tamer

Great Lionel was a lion tamer, bold and true
Star of circus, daredevil of the sawdust ring
His bravery second to none, hero renowned.
Introduced by ringmaster, he stepped into the ring
Wearing red satin tights, vest, and black boots.
Cracking whip, pistol on hip, haughty and proud
Entered the cage with a contemptuous grin
Facing three lions and a grumpy old lioness.
Audience cheered and Great Lionel waved
Cracked whip, and three lions obeyed
Leaping onto barrels they sat quiet and still
But the lioness refused, sullen and hungry
And wanting her dinner she ate Great Lionel
Leaving only his whip and black leather boots.

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