Ghost Train

If I would have kept on walking I would have walked straight into the path of the train.

It surprised me to see the train coming by at this time as it was the first time I was so close to the Fillmore & Western train as it came from Fillmore into Santa Paula.

There was something comely about it and I could not help but recognize its singularity.

I smiled with delight.

I thought being too close to the train was a hazard, because a rock or pebble might fly out and hit me, so I stepped a few steps back and stood by the shadow of the trees behind me.

I noticed the people on the train.

I caught out of the corner of my eye an attractive woman towards the end of the train so I anticipated her passing by.

I took in the details of the train and its passengers as it moved by me.

I noticed a woman who noticed me and for some reason fixed her gaze on me until she disappeared out of my sight. It made me uncomfortable for its duration and so I smirked and darted my eyes at her and away, playing a game with her.

The train slowed down and I did not know why. I walked over the train tracks and realized it had stopped because it was reaching a cross section. That is what the sound was.

The color spectrum flowed into my mind; ideas and forms.

Thoughts emerged as music from the plate of my mind.

The sun infused the air and wind with a vitality the sun would only know.

Some of the plants and bushes and their flowers appeared to be from another planet because of their peculiarity and brilliance.

I have to compare it to walking on the surface of another planet and observing the plant life for the first time in a state of complete awe.

The scenes presenting themselves to me were as a watercolor drawn with just the right amount of water making the pictures appear as if suspended in space and time.

I wandered through it. Breathing in the awesome beauty as a fish breathes the water it swims in.

A profound peace soaked me in and out.

A profound peace.

I was dead.

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