New Year Resolution

No speaking for or against him, her
they, them, he, she, you
I mean, god forbid
I offend someone
who can laugh, cry, get in my face
give me the evil eye
for words on my tip of my tongue,
we’ve become
so tetchy-sensitive
I dare not sigh, sob,
hiccup for fear I’ll be hung by a mob.

Out on the Oregon border cloud nine
a homeless angel told me
“If he reads facebook opinions
soliloquies so vacuous
political or not, George Carlin often
busts a heavenly gut–
but to be fair on points of view
my angelic self just so you know
the Left and the Right
love hearing their own
they don’t care about yours,
nothing personal
each holding their on
anyone saying they know best
doesn’t know shit at all.” yes
the angel spoke to me like that.
Some of you will get this completely.

But now look what you’ve done
got me to break my vow
did you think I could keep still
about the Rafah widow
unable to feed her nephew
the legless teacher pulled out of rubble
doctors, priests, monks shouting
“they destroyed all in the city
men, women, children,
ox, mosque, church, school
hospital, cow, camel– it’s criminal!”
Who could not take a stand with them?

Ancient history current events collide
Joshua leveled Jericho
Benjamin, Gaza
blind Likud blaming blind Hamas
what did Gandhi say
about an eye for an eye?
A divine destiny to wipe out
the weaker tribe,
where have we heard that before:
Amalek, Amalek
the world must never forget
what the Hun did to us
we intend no genocide…
Which tip of a forked tongue lies.

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