Two Valentines

February Convergence

I came to the Laugh Lover’s Ball,
expecting sudden beheading
if I dared frown.
You may recall
seeing me hunkered down
descending the main staircase.

When comedy failed,
coquettes removed stilettos
and peep-toe pumps,
threw them on stage.

Marie Antoinette entered
sporting her eyepiece,
brushed leaves of Transylvania trees
with her mascara wand.

Time for prime-time levity.
What comes next?
An over-the-top tango
or a good chuckle
to add oxygen to the fire?
Dracula’s valentine knows.

Thank You for Your Grammar

Revise me
with correct punctuation.
I stand perpendicular to
the sidewalk of mirth

and come as supplicant
bearing ampersand
across sage green bed linens.
My words fear revision—

please talk upon my hand, my spine,
all that braces for acceptance.
Bring roses from the garden
to bleed persuasion and constancy.

Quell misspelled homonyms
dangling modifiers
extra conjunctions
contraband of confusion.

Storms brew on a moonless night.
Humble my unclear semantics.
Let auxiliary verbs
linger inside parentheses.

Lips, tongue, garden scape,
gentle petals. Wake me
as syntax conjugates sunrise
in scent of yellow roses.

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