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Duels: A Script by Nick Stokes

The Star gets back to drama by bringing you the original script for Nick Stokes’s currently running play, Duels, now playing at 12th Avenue Arts.



A dramatic script by Nick Stokes, originally produced at 14/48 Projects in January 2012.

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The Obstacle of Technique

Two great obstacles to a wider appreciation of audio drama face new listeners at every turn. The first is the lack of a real critical history. The greater obstacle, however, is not what has not been written but rather what has.

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Bardolatry and Its Discontents

Shakespeare is treated with a true idolatry–Bardolatry. Producing groups do not help when they treat audience members like sheep and imply that they need not understand Shakespeare. Theaters are there to pass down the Law. They expect that the barbarians simply arrive at the Church of Theater, convert to the cause of Bardolatry and receive William’s Holy Word like a communion wafer. Whether or not the barbarians understand transubstantiation is immaterial to the purposes of the Church.

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The Minister of Chance: Serial Telling

Those who know me also know I crusade regularly against bad science fiction in popular culture. They also know that I am not a Doctor Who fan by any stretch of the imagination. Probably, then, there will be some surprise in the ranks that I have only glowing things to say about the new audio drama, The Minister of Chance.