• Fiction

    Nobody Knew

    Nobody knew the things about you that I knew. I knew where you were that time when you called and asked if I knew where you were. I said I didn't, but I did. The connection was good enough that I didn't even have to pretend it sounded like a local call and not like a call from London.

  • Poetry

    Spine of a Dog

    Spine of a dog curves away from me and against, as heat of a tired dog warms my skin through my sweater, through his fur. He lies, front paws matched, chin tucked alongside them, neat. One still beast; one, antsy with pen at arm’s end, cramming the months and years and lives with rehearsals, games, dinners— human scrawl.

  • Fiction


    I remember walking through a decrepit city. I am not alone. I do not remember who I am with, adult or child. Wife or child. Both, but only one. Both in one person, a conflation, an amalgamation, an imagination. My wife when she is younger than she is now, but older than a child, the child one of mine, no…

  • Literature,  Poetry

    Carol Guess Delves into Doll Forensics

    Though Carol Guess has been in the lit world for some time, her latest project Doll Studies: Forensics immediately grabbed my attention because of the unique subject matter. It isn't every day you stumble upon a book of prose poetry that focuses on 18 dioramas of actual crime scenes...

  • Fiction

    Catching Fever

    Robert Fever awoke on cold cement feeling like he had been run over by a car. He winced as he sat up. By the shifting light of the naked bulb that swayed above him, Robert saw that he was down in his own basement. Dusty, uninviting workout machines provided the room's only furniture. Several campaign posters that read "CATCH THE…

  • Fiction

    You Alone

    A pane of glass separated us. You were out on the street and I was in a hotel lobby. You were walking by like an ivory tower on heels. Your dark brown hair fell lightly on your shoulders, your bosom bounced subtly, your hips swayed. And then you did something I never expected; you looked at me directly in the…