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    City Council Proposes to Amend Zoning

    Residents of this neighborhood choose to live here because they can walk to everything. For example, five grocery stores lie within a 6-block radius. The proximity of buses and services means that residents can sleep and garden and play on their quiet, residential streets and, in a matter of minutes, reach the pharmacy, restaurants, shopping, downtown, and entertainment. The neighborhood…

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    At STIFF: This Is How I Roll

    Direct from the creative minds of New York filmmakers Kat Vecchio and Joe Mihalchick is This Is How I Roll—a fresh STIFF documentary depicting men who actually strive to skate, hit and dominate just like the ladies.

  • Drama,  Radio,  Television

    The Minister of Chance: Serial Telling

    Those who know me also know I crusade regularly against bad science fiction in popular culture. They also know that I am not a Doctor Who fan by any stretch of the imagination. Probably, then, there will be some surprise in the ranks that I have only glowing things to say about the new audio drama, The Minister of Chance.

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    Rouge: The idée fixe

    Performance art is not generally known for its sense of humor. For the past thirty years or so it has been tied down quite often to outrage and outrageousness, particularly concerning sex. However there is certainly another thread of performance art that draws upon absurd humor. Julie Andrée T. most certainly belongs to the latter group of artists who value…

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    Book-It Rep’s The Art of Racing in the Rain

    One of Seattle's bigger theater production companies stages a play centered around a talking dog. No, the Rep hasn't brought back Sylvia; instead Book-It Repertory has mounted The Art of Racing In The Rain, based on the novel by Northwest author, Garth Stein. John Allis weighs in with his experience.

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    boom! theater company, New Works Festival, Phase II

    The offerings of the New Works Festival, varying drastically in tone and form, are matched in a number of combinations throughout it, making for continuously-changing playbills. So that while Mountain of Dreams, for example, goes up one evening alongside Vitruvius and Fight, it'll share a bill the next week with Over: exposed. As a result, performances compliment and/or clash with…

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