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Inside the green schools revolution

How can we design better, "living" classrooms, places that will not only improve the lives of teachers and students, but also have less of an impact on the environment? Bryn Nelson goes back to school to find out.

November 13, 1973: Shelly’s Leg

Jeff Stevens brings you the story of the legendary Shelly's Leg, Seattle's first discotheque and first openly gay nightclub -- and a crucial part of countercultural Seattle history.

Free Stuff for Veterans on Remembrance Day

You've served us all. Now we return the favor. Free food, entertainment and services around the Puget Sound area.

It’s Not Just About History: Visiting the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

It’s hard to describe the shock of recognition when sepia history meets full-color present, when they can align so precisely. That’s one of the many gifts that the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial gives to its visitors.

“Jim Crow All Over Again” : In Advance of Election Day, Voting Restrictions Loom

The real reason for the voter ID laws is to lower turnout, to hold onto power by keeping those who in opposition from exercising their solemn right. Deirdre Fulton reports.

Secret Donors Behind Some Super PACs Funneling Millions into Midterms

Do off-term elections matter? They do to policy makers. Theodoric Meyer follows a story of Super PACs and dark money.

Our Digital Future: New report and agenda for copyright reform

Creative Commons passes on this new book.

Charter School Power Broker Turns Public Education Into Private Profits

A cautionary tale about education as Washington's own voters send in their ballots, courtesy of

The Potlatch Decade

Another Monday brings another excerpt from the forthcoming Seattle history book by Star regular Jeff Stevens. This chapter's all about Seattle in the 1910s: the A-Y-P Exposition, the Potlatch Riot, and -- last but not least -- the Seattle General Strike. Not exactly a boring decade.

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

R.V. Murphy muses on yet another panhandling proposal devised by the wealthy for the poor.