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Debtors Fight Back at Up-From-Debt Summit

Hundreds of working people crowded a Seattle union hall to seek an end to the nation's debt crisis. Tim Wheeler reports.

Betting the Farm on a Lie

Estate tax critics never let facts get in the way of a good story. Josh Hoxie reports.

Black America in Crisis: Report Shows Troubling Racial Disparities Across US

Urban League findings are "a clarion call that a more comprehensive, inclusive and on-the-ground recovery is necessary" for minorities across country. Deirdre Fulton reports.

Weekly E-book: The End of Loser Liberalism

Dean Baker's plea for progressives to reclaim liberalism from ideology with sensible policy is our e-book of the week.

2015 Elections: No More Doormats

This year's Seattle City Council elections promise to be a true civic game-changer -- especially with respect to economic justice. Jeff Stevens considers the nature of the game.

Sweetening Their Own Deal

Michael Jacobson takes on sugar.

Washington Legislature Moves to Limit School Restraints and Seclusions

Annie Waldman reports on the attempts in Olympia to change the laws on restraint and seclusion in Washington schools.

Weekly E-book: Twelve Years a Slave

We bring you the non-Disney version of history with Solomon Northup's autobiographical tale.

Four Kinds of Intelligence, and How the US Fails

Thoughts on American blindness by Gary Corseri.

First-ever adjunct walkout raises awareness of crisis in higher ed

Protesting poverty-level wages and a lack of respect from universities, adjunct faculty this week organized the first-ever National Adjunct Walkout Day. Kate Aronoff reports.