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Yelp and Yellowface: Nikkei Protests and The Mikado in 2014

Tamiko Nimura violates some terms of service in this piece about the latest Mikado kerfuffle, courtesy of the dolts at the Seattle G&S Society.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Parks For All and Proposition 1

Raymond Murphy erases graffiti to find the truth behind the new proposed Seattle Parks District ballot measure.

July 18, 1934: The Battle of Smith Cove

Smith Cove, located at the Southern foot of Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, might seem sleepy circa 2014 -- yet on this date circa 1934, it was the site of a truly epic labor-management struggle. Jeff Stevens histories you once again.

An Open Letter to TPP Negotiators: Copyright Term Extension

An open letter to the dreadmeisters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership from the new CEO of Creative Commons, Ryan Merkley.

Kickstarting Seattle’s Parks: The Star Interviews Omar Willey about “Natural Advantages”

Parks remain one of those things that tie us together, though we rarely think about them that way. A park—public land—serves the communities around it. Any real document of that land must serve the public, too, the best way possible.

Window Dressing

Twenty years is a long time.

Space Grunge Riot

An exclusive excerpt from City of Anxiety: An Alternative History of Seattle, a work in progress by Star regular Jeff Stevens.

June 27, 1995: Operation Homestead Gets the SWAT Treatment

Seattle circa 1995: gentrification was the word. And Sidran City was then so eager to welcome NikeTown that SPD sent a SWAT team to bust a non-violent protest. Jeff Stevens histories you.

Celebrating the Child: Kodomo no Hi in Seattle

At the end of Kodomo no hi I am marveling at how many people are here to celebrate, at how many activities the Center has planned for the kids. I count on the event brochure: there are twenty partner organizations involved, including local businesses, community groups, performing arts groups.

State of the Story

Wes K. Andrews surveys the scene of Seattle storytelling.