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West Coast Reciprocities

Seattle has always wanted to be San Francisco, according to Star regular Jeff Stevens. That's the thesis of the latest excerpt from his upcoming Seattle history book, featured at the Star this fine Monday morning. Click, read, enjoy.

Weekly E-book: Republic, Lost

This week we bring you a nice clean EPUB of Lawrence Lessig's book about political corruption.

The End of Rice Boy

We conclude Evan Dahm's marvelous graphic novel, Rice Boy, this weekend. If you haven't read it so.

The Circles of Bon Odori

Tamiko Nimura introduces her daughters to Bon Odori, the Japanese tradition of dance where the past co-mingles with the present and future.

September 14, 1961: First Hill vs. I-5

Once upon a time, citizen activists tried to stop the construction of Interstate 5 through Seattle. Jeff Stevens tells the tale.

Nineteen Eighty Nine

A fresh excerpt from City of Anxiety: An Alternative History of Seattle, a book-length work in progress by Star regular Jeff Stevens.

August 20, 1994: Real Change

It was twenty years ago today: Real Change taught the DSA to play. Jeff Stevens brings you further Seattle activism history.

Housing: A Right, Or A Commodity? SAFE Moves Against the Banks, and the Sheriff

Raymond Murphy talks about the finer points foreclosure with two high-profile examples featuring the work of SAFE.

August 11, 1969: The Ave Riots

Seattle's University District might seem like a sleepy place these days, but circa 1969, it was a hotbed of radicalism, revolutionary fervor, and -- 45 years ago this week -- violent rioting. Jeff Stevens tells you all about it.

Battle for the Nap Room: Tales from the Front Lines

In which Max Reif attempts to enlist Mr. Sandman in his personal war against a platoon of anti-sleep preschoolers.