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September 13, 1961: First Hill vs. I-5

Once upon a time, citizen activists tried to stop the construction of Interstate 5 through Seattle. Jeff Stevens tells the tale.

Nineteen Eighty Nine

A fresh excerpt from City of Anxiety: An Alternative History of Seattle, a book-length work in progress by Star regular Jeff Stevens.

August 20, 1994: Real Change

It was twenty years ago today: Real Change taught the DSA to play. Jeff Stevens brings you further Seattle activism history.

Housing: A Right, Or A Commodity? SAFE Moves Against the Banks, and the Sheriff

Raymond Murphy talks about the finer points foreclosure with two high-profile examples featuring the work of SAFE.

August 11, 1969: The Ave Riots

Seattle's University District might seem like a sleepy place these days, but circa 1969, it was a hotbed of radicalism, revolutionary fervor, and -- 45 years ago this week -- violent rioting. Jeff Stevens tells you all about it.

Battle for the Nap Room: Tales from the Front Lines

In which Max Reif attempts to enlist Mr. Sandman in his personal war against a platoon of anti-sleep preschoolers.

Rice Boy: Book Two – Beginning

Evan Dahm's outstanding Rice Boy continues, with Chapters 12-14.

July 30, 1973: The Birth of Left Bank Books

A brief historical treatise on Left Bank Books, easily among Seattle's most beloved independent bookstores ever. Jeff Stevens brings you further Old Seattle history.

Yelp and Yellowface: Nikkei Protests and The Mikado in 2014

Tamiko Nimura violates some terms of service in this piece about the latest Mikado kerfuffle, courtesy of the dolts at the Seattle G&S Society.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Parks For All and Proposition 1

Raymond Murphy erases graffiti to find the truth behind the new proposed Seattle Parks District ballot measure.