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Bad Seattle Fashion Blogger: Asshole or Pitiful individual?

Sable Jak steps to the plate and weighs in on Bad Seattle Fashion, and its transplanted author. Surprisingly enough, it stems from psychodrama.

April 16, 1970: The Birth of the Seattle Seven

The spring of 1970 was an intense time to be a radical in Seattle. Among other things, it was the season of the birth of the Seattle Seven. Jeff Stevens brings the history once again.

Recipe For An Improvised Girls’ Day

So why celebrate? Part of the answer lies in presence: the desire to be connected with family, with some of the intentions of Girls’ Day: a day to wish the girls happiness in their futures: a day to sit around a table and share food. And yet part of why we celebrate Girls’ Day also lies in distance.

This Week in Performance: Week of April 3, 2014

The week ahead in Dance, Music, Theater and Comedy as brought to you by our José Amador…

April 4, 1980: WREX

Jeff Stevens explores one of the crucial links in the chain of Seattle’s music history.

While We Were Sleeping: The Powell Memorandum

A brief history of the shock and awe memo.

Weekly E-book: The Public Domain

Our weekly offering from the Creative Commons is James Boyle’s incisive book about the consequences of the movement to enclose the human mind.

March 8, 1970: Daybreak Star’s Groundbreaking

Those of you who know about Seattle’s truly historical Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center may also know about its recent financial crisis, resolved last month by a truly generous donation from the Snoqualmie Tribe. Jeff Stevens tells the story of the birth of Daybreak Star.

Celebrating Seattle: The Egan House

A study in Seattle self-loathing. Omar Willey regales you with the tale of one of Seattle’s most distinct architectual works.

March 5, 1917: The Wobblies on Trial

Seattle hasn’t always been a pristine yuppie utopia, doncha know. Circa 1917, it was quite the raucous radical mecca. Jeff Stevens histories you once again.