You Alone

A pane of glass separated us. You were out on the street and I was in a hotel lobby. You were walking by like an ivory tower on heels. Your dark brown hair fell lightly on your shoulders, your bosom bounced subtly, your hips swayed. And then you did something I never expected; you looked at me directly in the eyes, and your face lit up. You gave me a smile that might as well been a shot of epinephrine. A lip-biting, shameless, flirty smile. My God, I’d never seen such boldness and beauty at once. Yes, let’s go somewhere, let’s get lost together! I quickly exited the lobby. You were still walking. It was the speed that you were walking that made me stop. Your shoulders were now irritated as you crossed in front of traffic. I was about to pursue you further when I noticed my entire body reflected in a large mirror to my right. Not a mirror, but the mirror-tinted window of the hotel lobby. I tried to peer into the lobby, but saw only my own face, which grew increasingly dejected as I realized for whom that smile was meant.

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