Can One Really Improvise a Mind Meld? Where No Man Has Gone Before Answers Your Questions

[media-credit name=”Dikla Tuchman” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″][/media-credit]Dig out your science officer uniform, arm yourself with a phaser and don’t forget your tricorder.

That’s right, Seattle Experimental Theater is going there again with their Star Trek improv, Where No Man Has Gone Before. While I can’t guarantee much about the show itself — after all, it is improvised — seems like the last two shows I saw put on by this wily bunch, Kirk always makes out with the alien chick (duh) and someone dies in a knife fight. But, who knows what adventures await us this weekend. You’ll have to tune in to find out!

As mentioned, Where No Man Has Gone Before is an improvised parody of the original Star Trek TV series. Each night the cast will use suggestions from the audience to create the world and plot of the show. If you saw the last run of this show back in the fall at the Odd Duck Theater on Capitol Hill, you’re in for some changes this time around. May’s run will feature a new show format, as the crew of the enterprise is infected with a strange space madness, supplied by audience suggestion. The cast will also include some new faces playing some of your Star Trek: The Original Series favorites, such Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, played by veteran improvisor, Tony Beeman. Also debuting in this run are Will Li and Randy Miller. Returning cast members include Ali Gassert, Cheryl Platz, Nicholas Schell, Wayne Pishue and Doug Willott, who plays a very convincing Spock.

Tonight is opening night and you can only catch this run through the weekend, so grab your nerd gear and beam up to the U-District for some good ol’ fashion space exploration. See you there, and of course, live long and prosper.

Thursday, May 24 – Friday, May 26 // 8 p.m. // Ethnic Cultural Theater, 3940 Brooklyn Ave. NE, Seattle // Tickets Tickets are $12, available at the door and online at Brown Paper Tickets

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