Leaves: Chapter One

Better known in the land of webcomics by her nom de dessinateur, LittleEndian, Lizete de Assis has been creating comics online for almost ten years.

Her style reveals a deep familiarity with many graphic styles, all the way from Art Nouveau and ukiyo-e printmaking to the darker illustrations of Simon Phelipot and Schuiten and Peeters. For the past three years, Ms. Assis has been working on a longer webcomic, Leaves, where she has been developing a clear, uncluttered graphic style using lots of negative space. Her solid, realistic, architectural backgrounds contrast with her human figures, which are something like “clear-line manga,” if you can imagine such a thing. Her voice and style over the period have both grown in confidence and depth and her characterizations are truly lovely.

Here we bring you the first chapter of the tale, and introduce you to her off-beat characters and charming style.
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