Weekly E-Book: Visible Reality

Photo by Terje Enge.LicensedCC-BY-NC-ND.
Photo by Terje Enge.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

This week comes to you with another photobook from the Creative Commons, Terje Enge’s Visible Reality.

Mr. Enge is a Scandinavian photographer based in Oslo. He has completed four interactive photobooks. The first three, Photobook Zero, Photobook One, and Photobook Two, feature his commercial photography work in film dating from the 1980s, with a few from the last decade. All three are still available in the Books section on his website.

Visible Reality is an expanded version of his fourth book, Another Image, which is no longer available. Comprised of Mr. Enge’s landscape work over the years (if one must choose a genre), it is made to be one of those fancy new “interactive” iBooks and is only available through the dreaded iBookstore. Nevertheless, we thought it should be read, too, by people who cannot be bothered with iBooks, crummy app that it is. So we’ve liberated it, and cooked up our own “flat” EPUB for your delectation.

The flat version features the exact same material in the exact same order, so you’re missing nothing but the baroque interface of the original. And really, since this is about still photographs, a simple approach works, too. His work is really beautiful, and it would be a shame to leave it hidden.

Download EPUB here.

If you’re dying for the expanded EPUB version via iBooks, download that version here.

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