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“He is cute.” She giggled.

Ahana finds him cute, strange. Catering to her role of being a traveler and a passionate cook, she never gets time for things that others generally do.

She replaced ‘Foodie’ with ‘Chef’ in her Instagram bio the day she turned 21 and completed her engineering at the age of 22. Everyone wanted her to do a high paying job but that foodie girl somewhere wanted to be a chef. And she decided that too in the third year of engineering.

Her mother always takes pride in her daughter’s phenomenon cooking skills but her mother’s face turned pale when she heard that Ahana won’t take up a job because she is busy working on her YouTube channel and a blog for cooking. Her mother’s plans for settled life for Ahana shattered that day.

“Mom, I don’t need that 5 LPA job.”, she told her mom over a phone call.

“But beta (daughter), you are not a chef and tell me how long will you go with this channel and a website.”, mother asked.

“I am not planning for long term maa, but I’ll manage.”, Ahana replied.

“You won’t get a good groom then,” the mother claimed in anger.


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