Free Thing of the Week: Wind

Part of our duty to the commons here at The Star is making sure things are not unjustly forgotten. To that end, we like to dig in the archives, too, which is what brought us to this week’s Free Thing.

Robert Loebel has gone on to do very fine commercial work for Nickelodeon, Daimler, Disney, and others. But he still holds space in his life for the Creative Commons.

Several of his short Creative Commons-licensed animations are up on his Vimeo site. We love them all but his student film Wind remains a favorite.

Wind packs a lot into three and a half minutes. Even back in 2012 his drawing style was distinct, and his abstract, almost absurdist sensibility fully developed.

The Vimeo staff agreed with us on his quality. So did several hundred thousand viewers. This film is really much too good to let fall into obscurity, so we’re bringing it back for you this week.


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