• Poetry

    Elephant Song

    On evenings filled with rain the elephants believe my open door leads to a green stretch of forest and trundle through. Each concocts a song or howl of her own— a moan of bassoon, a pitch of piccolos and even agonies of strings to tell of elephant tragedies coated in silt.

  • Poetry

    Choose Life

    Choose life until your last breath. Choose life until you hear the Other calling. Choose life while the lights are on and your eyes still focus. Choose life while your heart beats out your days. Choose life while your mind still has questions. Choose life until you must, for intensely personal reasons, Choose death.

  • Poetry

    Spine of a Dog

    Spine of a dog curves away from me and against, as heat of a tired dog warms my skin through my sweater, through his fur. He lies, front paws matched, chin tucked alongside them, neat. One still beast; one, antsy with pen at arm’s end, cramming the months and years and lives with rehearsals, games, dinners— human scrawl.

  • Literature,  Poetry

    Carol Guess Delves into Doll Forensics

    Though Carol Guess has been in the lit world for some time, her latest project Doll Studies: Forensics immediately grabbed my attention because of the unique subject matter. It isn't every day you stumble upon a book of prose poetry that focuses on 18 dioramas of actual crime scenes...