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14/48 Band on Friday Night

A Look Inside 14/48

Last weekend, José Amador took up blogging duties for the first weekend of 14/48’s Winter 2012 Festival; today he uses excerpts from that weekend’s entries to provide an in-depth look at the festival from within.

PRK's Open Mic

Koffee and Komedy

At the brightly lit People’s Republic Kafe (coffee shop), along with the cheery lighting, there also comes a warm welcoming attitude courtesy of Kevin Hyder and Tristan Devin, the founders of the “People’s Republic of Komedy” back in 2005. Since then have created a friendly, supportive venue for an open mic that they have really great comics flock there every Friday night for The People’s Republic Open Mic night. We’re talking really funny comics…

Oregon Shadow Theater's Thumbelina

This Week In Theater: Puppets, Musical Phone Sex, Mud That’s Fancy, and More

Rolling right along with January, this weekend brings us the kind of theatrical variety platter that makes us the envy of the West Coast: A world premiere by one company, another up North, fourteen from a different company, the return of a Northwest puppet staple, some semi-absurdist silliness, and a staged reading on Monday, why not?

Sky Fish

Evening Edition: RIP, South Seattle Beacon

Gregoire continues stepping it up before she steps out, a shady pastor pleads guilty, the death of another newspaper that’s served Seattle neighborhoods for nearly 100 years, and more.


Tour De Farce

Emily had always assumed that someday she would grow to be a wise, old woman with refined tastes; as if the knowledge of fine wines and fine arts would simply come with gray hair…


SAL University: Eternity in a Ruffle

Seattle Arts & Lectures is presenting Eternity in a Ruffle: Fashion in Art, Art in Fashion, a five-session lecture series on the history of modern fashion and the ideas it engenders and engages. From what we wear to who we are, fashion is both a means of self-expression and a way that our times mark us historically. Tina Witherspoon agrees, and explores the implications of the series’ subject in her inaugural piece.