Comix jump on stage for some Unexpected Productions improv during ECCC

[media-credit id=4 align=”aligncenter” width=”640″][/media-credit]Everyone knows that Seattle is at the height of all geekdom. We not only boast the largest per capita ratio of game-design companies (both large and independent), are home to the largest software development corporation in the country, have theater companies wholly devoted to Star Trek reenactment and improvisation and are home to two “gaming bars,” we also host a plethora of small and large nerdy-type conventions here in town. One such convention, now probably the largest comic con after the San Diego Comic Con, is Emerald City Comic Convention (ECCC), which is coming up in less than one week now.

Here at the Star, we will not be formally attending ECCC, but we do want you to know about some of the local events surrounding the convention. One such exciting opportunity will be held at the Unexpected Production’s Market Theatre on Saturday night, March 31. Normally performing their TheatreSports show at 10:30 p.m., UP will be putting on a very special NERDProv show with some special guests on stage getting their nerd on. Joining in the fun will be comic creators, Kris Staub of Penny Arcade and Chainsawsuit and Ian Boothby of the Simpsons and Futurama Comics. Both Straub and Boothby will be at ECCC over the weekend presenting some of their work, but putting them in the spotlight for some wacky improv will be a special treat.

Unexpected Productions TheatreSports presents: NERDProv with special guests Kris Straub and Ian Boothby, 10:30 p.m., The Market Theater, advanced tickets $10 with the code “nerd,” or $15 at the door.

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