vintage treasures abound at the Kippy Ding Ding

Seattle’s first mobile vintage boutique is The Kippy Ding Ding

Last Friday night I shopped the grand opening of a little thing called The Kippy Ding Ding. It’s not what you think.

The Kippy Ding Ding

It’s the cutest vintage camper you’ve ever seen that doubles as a boutique on wheels.  It’s called The Kippy Ding Ding and it’s full of pretty vintage clothes, funky jewelry and lots of old, sparkly, wonderful finds.

Similar to a food truck model, the Kippy substitutes the steak taco for wearable summer dresses and gumdrop colored peep-toe heels.  Allison and Amanda have pinned their hopes and dreams on bringing attention to the mobile vendor market, and making people smile by delivering pretty things to all Seattle neighborhoods.

Now that they’ve officially arrived, The Kippy will be bopping around Seattle every weekend changing locations, so check them out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their whereabouts. This Saturday, July 14th they’ll be parked in the Ghost Gallery Courtyard from 11 – 3pm.

vintage treasures abound at the Kippy Ding Ding

To get the full scoop, I sent the ladies a few questions about this exciting endeavor:

Seattle Star: What was your inspiration for the shop?

Kippy Ding Ding: We’ve seen the fashion truck concept sweeping through bigger cities but there are also mobile boutiques becoming popular in much smaller markets.  It made sense for us because it’s low overhead and we can make our own hours.  Plus, there is the huge, magical meant-to-be fact that Allison got her hands on a 1965 vintage travel trailer the DAY after we were daydreaming about doing a mobile shop….we had to go for it!

SS: What’s the most amazing item you have in the shop right now?

KDD: That’s a hard one!  We have so many pieces that will be hard to part with.  We kinda want to keep everything hoarder-style and shoved into our closets.  BUT, it will be fun to see which lucky ladies walk away with particular pieces.  To name a few: a 1940’s red dress that makes you feel like a real woman (no label), a Joan Walters 1980’s ridiculous jumpsuit that has a freaking velcro waist and an apple bottom booty (for real), a Jonathan Logan black sparkly mini dress that will make you want to go out dancing, a Christian Dior black and naughty nightie, a black clutch with scalloped edging (we go all mushy for anything with scallops) and some one-of-a-kind re-constructed necklaces made from vintage clip-on earrings and rhinestone brooches.  YAY!

SS: What’s your favorite era of vintage?

KDD: Ohhhh it changes!  We heart the 30s and 40s because of the femininity and girliness, but then you have to equally heart the 60s because then everything became a little sexier and shorter. Ultimately, we are both drawn to the details.  Pleats, hand-sewn stitching, unique patterns, prints…can I quote Paula Abdul?? Opposites attract!  Mix vintage with modern.  Old with new.  Fancy with plain.  Somehow it creates balance.

Playing dress up at The Kippy Ding Ding

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