Author: Tina Witherspoon

Rugby Ralph Lauren Holiday 2011 campaign

Selling the American Dream with Products Made in China

When Ralph Lauren won the job of designing and producing the 2012 US Olympic uniforms, he could have calculatedly issued a press release stating that “in support of our athletes and the nation’s job market, he was going to find a US factory and have the team’s uniforms made locally, even if it meant a slim profit margin.” Had he done this, he would be a hero right now, rather than a joke.

Culture Society

YWCA’s Inspire Luncheon Series 2012

The YWCA Inspire Luncheons have been happening for over 20 years now, but if you’ve never been to one, we highly recommend it. From the client stories to the guest speaker to the amazing energy in the room, you will be inspired.

Fashion Star
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NBC’s Fashion Star Premiere Episode

Tuesday, March 13th brought the premiere of NBC’s new reality show, Fashion Star. Seattle is represented by not one, but two designers on Fashion Star. Lizzie Parker, who sells her line out of her boutique in Kirkland and Lisa Vian Hunter who has a lovely shop in Madison Park.


Eternity in a Ruffle: Part 1

Jessica Burstein is a tiny, striking and brilliant force of nature. At the first session of the Seattle Arts & Lecture series, Eternity in a Ruffle, she blew my mind.